CISSP, Pedophilia, CIA, NSA and Seductive Coercion

…so far just a hypothesis.

but for sure, part 2 of seductive coercion will be to clean up that mess: That Network that «forced» the poor poor Pedophile Person to rape young children, possibly a SIGINT / COMINT problem

and «maybe» the Pedophile Person that raped 1980s Children could not expect that much support from the OSINT community.

One major problem of such a leak would be, that the pedophile cissp then would focus and attack the whistleblower that leaked all that information. This would imply that those people that are prone to seductive coercion never learned to stand up against a group of maybe older people. Since those older people would eg. torture people from 1980s generation over a period of 20 years they would even fear equal aged groups.

An additional problem would also be that if this hypothesis was a global thing that the NSA/CIA made the older generation hate themselve, distrust themselves. So maybe we should help them to find equal aged people from their generation to clean up that mess because in single player mode those who did not confess yet would attack or even kill them. So we suggest some sort of Hashtag like #reformedCISSP…

30 Minuten später klingelt das EPD Aarau an meiner Türe, mir wird ein FU («Fürsorgerische» Unterbringung) angedroht oder ich müsse mir wieder 75mg Xeplion spritzen lassen… gut dann nehm ich halt wieder von den verdammten Intelligenzmindernden Medikamenten, keine Lust auf ein weiteres Spiel «Enemy Territory» in der Psychiatrie Königsfelden….

Additional hypothesis: CISSP have Access to Mental Institutions and therefor to all drive controlled old people and seem to have some «All over Marc jr» Broadcast Message to distract from the CISSP and from the SIGINT/COMINT. And if they «would» begin to sell the name of other old people that are «victims» of the seductive coercion techniques of CIA one would know, that Urs has access to the Mental Institution Königsfelden.

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