Ubuntu 18.10 on ASUS GL703-GE and GL503-GE

1. Attach Mouse and install Ubuntu 18.10
2. Boot Ubuntu 18.10 with kernel parameter nouveau.modeset=0
3. Install nvidia driver (sudo apt-get install nvidia-384)
4. Install modified Kernel 4.19 for to get the Touchpad working (You must edit File manually)
4.a) Download Kernel 4.19 from kernel.org
4.b) Edit the Kernel Source File /drivers/pinctrl/intel/pinctrl-intel.c (You need to insert lines 1016, 1021, 1022 from here)
4.c) You need to copy the .config file from the previous Kernel into the 4.19 Kernel Directory
4.d) Run sudo make menuconfig (maybe you need to install the packages libncurses-dev bison and flex with apt-get install)
4.e) Build the Kernel with sudo make -j10 && sudo make modules -j10 && sudo make install -j10 && sudo make modules_install -j 10
4.f) check if it compiled correctly and the update-initramfs -u run properly
5. Have Fun! with a partitially working touchpad on ASUS GL703GE

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