Monitoring with Zabbix on Debian Stretch

First: what you can expect


since it does not comes out of the box and you would have to install your database by hands I wrote a script that automates this task:
(for SNMP you need to add non-free in your /etc/apt/sources.list for the snmp-mibs-downloader)

After installation you can login to the http://IP Address of your Zabbix-Server/zabbix/

Username: Admin (Case Sensitive)
password: zabbix (Case Sensitive)

To Populate your devices you have to define Discovery Rules for your Network:

Then you have to tell Zabbix what to do when it discovered something, thats called the «Discovery Action»

Then you can wait for about 1h, and then you can tweek the discovered hosts with Monitoring-Templates that you would like to link to that host.

or you can create Screens to aggregate information from several devices. Or define Alerting rules…


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