Debian Stretch on Acer Aspire One 11 (AO1-132-C8P1) or was it A01

bought at

First you have to tell Windows 10 to let you in the bios (then it’s >afaik< F2) after you selected that in windows

search for >bios< after pressing the windows key

it seems that you have to force uefi installation, then you must select secure boot, select the boot efi on (hd0,0) then store the bios, otherwise it does not write the secure installer binary link to the bios, then you have to go again (the efi binary is now stored in bios) and then disable secure boot… it will not boot operating system files from hd0,2 (default if you let debian installer choose how to partition)

for 200$, quad core, innocent white design, mobility great, thumb up


for wifi you need non-free: firmware-iwlwifi
warning NO ethernet connection, but you can connect with usb eth…

if grub problems then try maybe these things of stuff or

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